About our company

Our Service   Our Service
Providing Transportation Logistics
  • Large fleet of buses
  • Established history in the industry, well-trained staff, utilization of local public transportation systems
  • Wide range of services: Charter Bus, Highway Bus, Local Public Route Bus
Land operation
  • Excellent service, popular with Japanese domestic travelers
  • Close relationship with many accommodation/tourist facilities
  • Strong buying power due to our status in the industry
Plan and Proposal of travel program
  • Knowledge of local geography, nature, culture and food. Because we are local bus operator, we know the area very well
  • A variety of unique trip options which only local experts can provide
  • Flexibility and conscientious desire to meet our customers' needs
  • Collaboration with overseas agents to operate charter flights. We can plan and sell tickets to Japanese travelers

Examples of services provided

Type of
Our Service (examples)
Land Operation Plan and
Proposal of
travel program
Charter Bus
(we also provide not only charter buses, but also SHINKANSEN Bullet Express)
  • Arrangements with popular hotels that are otherwise difficult to reserve
  • Prompt problem-solving
  • Detailed information provided
  • Planning of efficient course schedules
  • Introduction to excellent sightseeing spots and accommodations which visitors from overseas may not be aware of
  • Negotiation with farmers or factories to arrange visits / tours
  • Arrangements for parties or receptions
  • Arrangements for training programs or lectures
[To Tohoku area]
Highway Bus or JR SHINKANSEN Bullet Express
[In Tohoku area]
Highway Bus+Local Bus
Arrangement of accommodations+short-term optional tours including activities such as trekking, golf, skiing, and dining.

Arranging professional, comfortable and enjoyable trips → Enhancing YOUR customer's satisfaction
Original tour products for your company → increasing the range and depth of your company's tour products

Sights to see in the North Tohoku region
The North Tohoku region, only 2 ½ hours away from Tokyo by bullet train, offers beautiful, unspoiled views of Japan, gorgeous natural scenery, and many hot springs. In addition, there are many traditional festivals and ski slopes with high-quality snow in the area. This is definitely a region that will provide great memories during a trip to Japan.

Company Overview

[ Company Name ]
Northern Iwate Travel Service Inc.

[ Date Founded ]
April 1, 1994
(Registered as a travel agency after separating from Northern Iwate Transportation Inc.)

[ Travel Agency Registration ]
Northern Iwate Travel Service Inc.

[ Headquarters ]
1-17-18 Kuriyagawa, Morioka-shi, Iwate, 020-0124, Japan
(international: +81-19-641-8811)

[ Capital ]
60 million yen